The House And Leisure Travel Club logoLogo development for use in various publications and collateral
Each logo was derived from the basic idea of a round passport stamp and interpreted in a modern stylistic manner. Stamps are very meaningful to travelers as they all form part of the documentation of the traveler’s journey. We took our cue for the typographic and color pallets from the House And Leisure brand but still giving it enough clout to stand on its own.

The typographic solution combines an intellectual consideration of what it really means to travel, with the whimsy of hand-rendered type. The idea here is to provide the passport holder with something to read and ponder while they are in the departure lounge, waiting to board. This passport cover appeals to the intellectual, seeking new experiences to broaden their mind.
Final typography sketch before computer fine tuning

The very minimalist, clean lines in this treatment represent the hundreds of thousands of flight paths that cross the world daily. This is the most abstract interpretation of travel; it represents the idea of a “journey”. The lines seem decorative, yet represent a highly complex system of technology and progress, as well as communication. The lines serve as connections between points, they are bringing people together, and thus ultimately reminding us of why we travel.

Here the idea of flight, and the movement of travel are represented by feathers. The image is elegant and un-cluttered, to appeal to the more refined ‘jet-setter’.

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